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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Move More, Love More, Live More: Get a Dog.

Dogs are the perfect example of how to live like a yogi because they are the most natural yogis out there! Think about it! They live in the moment without any regrets from the past or fear for the future. They love unconditionally, even when you don’t have time to throw the ball. They find pleasure in the simplest of things.

Ever since bringing home our Pomeranian puppy, Kody, our lives have changed for the better. I think Kody is the best thing that has ever happened to us. Because of Kody, we move more, we love more and so therefore, we live more.

We brought Kody home during the October snowstorm of last year and while I would normally be hiding inside from the cold, I was, instead, outside running around with a tiny 5lb dog, trying to tire him out so I could rest! It was exhausting work, those early months of puppyhood, but I kept pointing out to my husband, we never moved so much during the winter before. It was normally a time for me to hibernate, but like it or not, I was outside moving and grooving!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much more love is in all of our lives now that Kody is around. Every morning when we wake up and every time we come in the front door Kody greets us with such excitement that we can’t help but grin from ear to ear. He is always bursting with love and cannot contain himself. If only we greeted all of our loved ones the way our dogs greet us!

One of the things I admire about life of a dog is the un-attachment. Kody can move so effortlessly from one thing to the next, pouring himself into everything that he does with all of his heart whether it’s scratching his ear or chewing on a toy! When its time to play outside he drops whatever he is doing and joins us for a game of catch, and when we come back in and give him a new toy to play with he is just as happy. I can’t tell you how many times I move on from one thing to another while still being stuck on something I did the day before!

And, oh! The freedom! Every time we approach a big open field, Kody gives me that look that says, oh please let me run around! He throws caution to the wind and takes off in a crazy sprint that ends up turning into wide circles around me since he is on a leash! He will run, and run, and run without any purpose what-so-ever and have the time of his life, whether I’m standing still or running with him. It is a wonderful reminder to stop taking things so seriously sometimes and just run with a big goofy grin and your hair blowing in the breeze! And when we come back home he settles in for a good rest because he knows he deserves it.
My dog is the best yogi out and there so I will aspire to be more like him. He has more yogic wisdom in his 11 months of life then I have acquired in 31 years. If you’re not moving, not loving, and not living, I suggest you get a dog.


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