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Monday, April 30, 2012

Step by Step: Crow Pose (Bakasana) & Shoulder Squeezing Pose (Bhujapidasana)

Hi everyone! Get ready to feel UPLIFTED! Literally! With these step by step instructions you will find yourself lifting up into crow pose (bakasana) and shoulder squeezing pose (bhujapidasana).


 Step 1- Come into a squat on a yoga block with your arms between your knees, palms flat on the floor in front of you with a bend in your elbows. squeeze the knees into the shoulders and press the hands firmly into the floor. Make sure every finger pad & knuckle is rooted into the ground so that you are using your muscles instead of sinking weight into your wrists.
 Step 2 - Begin to shift more weight forward into your hands so that you can pick up one foot off of the block. Keep looking forward with the chin out of the chest. Continue to hug the knees in, squeezing the shoulders. Engage your core for support. Lifting up will be MUCH easier when your core is engaged and you hug the knees in.
Step 3 - Keep the core engaged, hug the knees in, and now lift the second foot up off of the block. Look forward so that you do not fall forward and remember to breathe!!


 Step 1 - Place two blocks hip width apart behind your ankles. Come into a forward fold with bent knees. Take your arms through through legs and place your hands on the blocks behind you, fingers facing forward. Keep your knees bent and work towards getting your shoulders close to, or underneath the knees. Hug the knees into your arms.

Step 2 - Begin to bend the knees deeper, dropping the hips down towards the ground. Keep hugging the knees into arms as you come up onto the toes, and then lift one foot up off of the floor. Place that foot back on the floor and lift the other foot up. Keep looking forward and keep the core engaged for support.

Step 3 - Pick up both feet from the floor and cross the ankles in front of you. Continue to hug the arms with the knees.

Keep in mind that with these two poses, and any other poses, you can stop at any step and work there until you are comfortable moving on. If you have never done these arm balances before remember to take your time & keep showing up to practice and before you know if you will be flying into bakasana and bhujapidasana!

Keep practicing yogis!!

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